16th June 2022
EP Report

Power, energy and mineral resources state minister Nasrul Hamid has said that uninterrupted power supply or reduction in power price anytime soon was unlikely.


The minister rather spoke of his plan to seek private investment in electricity transmission and distribution as extensive changes in these areas were needed to make power supply uninterrupted.


‘I promise that power price will be affordable. But, to be clear, I am not saying that power price will be reduced,’ said Nasrul Hamid, replying to a question asked by a reporter about the possibility of power price decreasing anytime soon during a meet-the-press event in the capital recently.


The event was organized as part of the golden jubilee celebration of the Power Development Board.


Before asking the question, the journalist pointed out that power price was increased many times over the past decade though the government had said that the price would fall once rental power plants were replaced by baseload power plants.

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