16th June 2022
EP Report

IDCOL will provide consultancy services to the Ministry of Energy in Malawi for the Off-Grid Market Development Fund under The World Bank funded Malawi Electricity Access Project.


The objective of the fund is to address the challenges of scaling up the off-grid market in Malawi and electrify 200,000 new households in remote rural areas.


The project will also have a transformative impact by reaching households who will not be connected to the grid in the foreseeable future by creating an enabling environment for solar companies.


IDCOL, a non-bank financial institution under the Economic Relations Division, catalyzes private sector investment in infrastructure, renewable energy, energy efficiency and PPP projects in Bangladesh.


Notably, IDCOL implemented the globally acclaimed Solar Home System (SHS) program under which more than 5 million SHSs were installed all over Bangladesh benefiting 12 percent of the country’s population.

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