24th November 2021
EP Report

Farmers of Patuakhali are getting the opportunity to use the solar-powered insect trap that kills most of the pests that wreak havoc on crops.


A solar-powered insect trap stores power in a battery, with which a bulb glows for four hours from sunset.


The harmful insects and flies hovering over the crops in search of food get attracted to the bright light and perish on the toxic water kept in a tub beneath it.


The agricultural officials come to the fields in the morning and observe the dead insects in the water of the tub.


They identify the number of beneficial insects and harmful insects among the dead insects. Later, they advise the farmers to use pesticides in the field if the number of harmful insects is high.


Farmers are getting the opportunity to use this environment friendly technology for free and are benefiting from pest management.


However, the farmers and field-level agricultural officials said that the number of traps is lesser than needed. This technology has been proven to be beneficial to the farmers to protect the crop from the attack of harmful insects.

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