24th November 2021

Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) needs Tk 700 crore extra as subsidy to run its 1200 MW liquid fuel-based power plants along with its Tk7,000 crore regular subsidy.


"Following the recent fuel price hike, we have prepared a proposal, which will be forwarded to the Finance Ministry within a few days," a senior official of the state-owned power generation authority said.


Oil-based power plants account for 28 percent of country's power generation capacity. About 46 plants (liquid fuel based) can produce 3,676MW power. Of it BPDB-owned plants' capacity is around 1200MW.


The PDB has been incurring a loss of around Tk 20 crore per month for the last three months for meeting up the fuel bills. Following the recent fuel price hike it needs to pay around TK 60 crore every day, official said.


Private power producers are enjoying a tax holiday on oil imports while the government buys power from them at a higher rate. According to BPC figures, it sold 1.6 million tonnes of oil to power plants in fiscal 2019-20.

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