5th October 2021
EP Report

The UK government recently held an emergency meeting with energy and consumer groups, as the country experiences record gas prices that threaten huge bills for households as well as undermining food supplies and casting doubt on energy firms’ futures.


Prime minister Boris Johnson sought to reassure consumers fearing surging winter power bills and the possibility of more small British energy firms collapsing from higher costs.


Faced with a fast-moving situation, business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng was meeting with the energy industry and consumer groups.


Speaking during a visit to the United States, Johnson said, ‘People should be reassured in the sense that yes there are a lot of short-term problems not just in our country... but around the world caused by gas supplies and shortages of all kinds.’


‘We’ve got to try and fix it as fast as we can, make sure we have the supplies we want, make sure we don’t allow the companies we rely on to go under. We’ll have to do everything we can,’ British media reported him as saying.


Prices of natural gas in Britain have hit record highs, also driven up after a fire knocked out a vital point connecting the country’s power grid to France.

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