17th February 2021

Nearly two-thirds of 1.2 million people polled worldwide say humanity faces a climate emergency, according to a UN survey, the largest of its kind ever undertaken.


Young and old, rich and poor, respondents in 50 nations home to more than half the global population also chose from a score of policy options to tackle the problem, researchers at the UN Development Program (UNDP) and the University of Oxford reported recently.


The findings suggest the grassroots global climate movement that surged onto the world stage in 2019 -- led, in part, by a then 16-year Greta Thunberg of Sweden -- is still gaining momentum, even if a raging pandemic has obscured its scope.


"Concern about the climate emergency is far more widespread than we knew before," said Stephen Fisher, a sociologist at Oxford who helped design the survey and process the data.


"And the large majority of those who do recognize a climate emergency want urgent and comprehensive action."  

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