5th January 2021
EP Report

Ashuganj Power Station Company Limited (APSCL) has recommended an 8.50% rate for APSCL non-convertible and fully redeemable coupon bearing bond for the first year.


The first-year period is from 5 January this year to 4 January, 2021.


The record date for entitlement of the bond's coupon rate profit was set for 4 January, 2021.


Last year, the company issued bonds worth Tk500 crore through private placements among state-owned banks and financial institutions to finance its 400MW power plant, which is now under construction.


Acting upon the government's advice to increase tradable bonds on stock exchanges, bonds worth Tk100 crore were sold to general investors through an initial public offering (IPO), with a face value of Tk5,000 per unit.


With a tenure of seven years, the bonds offer an interest rate ranging from 8.50% to 10.50%. They have been traded on the secondary market of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE).


After the news was revealed on the DSE website, the unit price of the bond came down by 2% to Tk5,220 on Sunday. The closing price of the bonds was set at Tk5,207 per unit.

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