17th November 2020
EP Report

The Energy and Mineral Resources Division (EMRD) has suggested for closing old and inefficient gas-fired power plants for best utilization of natural gas for producing electricity, a top official said.


“Recently, we have suggested Power Division to shut those inefficient plants down. For efficient energy usage, we need efficient equipment. It is not possible to run everything with the 40 years old equipment in power stations,” he said.


He said power stations will be able to produce reliable electricity using latest technology.


“We have listed down some specific power plants and told them (Power Division) to close those down, otherwise we won't be able to supply required natural gas,” he added. 


For instance, Baghabari is one of the ineffective plants as it remains inactive most of the time and supplying gas to that plant is not wise, he mentioned.


Moreover, the power plant has been suggested to be shut dow as there were complaints regarding this power plant, according to him.

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