20th March 2020
EP Report

The Dighipara basin in Dinajpur district is the second largest among the discovered coal fields in Bangladesh, having around 706 million (70.60 crore) tonnes of extractable coal reserves.


According to a feasibility study report, Dighipara has a high quality coal resource of 706 million tonnes with a high level of confidence.


The feasibility study was jointly conducted by Germany-based MIBRAG Consulting International GmbH, FUGRO Consult GmbH and Runge Pincook Minaroo Limited of Australia.


It said coal is deposited on 12.8 square kilometres land and the government can extract three million (30 lakh) tonnes of coal from the mine every year. It is technically possible to mine 90 million tonnes of coal from Dighipara allowing the powering of Thermal Power Station for 30-40 years.


The study report said, the energy content of the coal is high and the ash content is low and the coal is overlain by a very think sequence of semi-consolidated material that host large volume aquifers.


The consortium understands that the delivery of more than 3.0 million tonnes of high quality thermal coal from the Dighipara lease area is a critical element in the ongoing energy security and energy growth in Bangladesh.


Contribution from this project area was planned as a part of the overall Bangladesh Energy Master Plan.

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