18th July 2019
EP Report


The life of people at grassroots level in the district is changing after they come in touch with electric power in the region.


The life of rural people is becoming easier and simpler. Besides, business is expanding, and many employment opportunities are being created.


Even char people are not deprived of the blessings of electricity. Their lifestyle has also changed with the touch of electricity.


Authority concerned said all the people of the district will come under electricity this year. Of the nine upazilas, seven have got hundred per cent electric supplies. The rest two upazilas will come under electric supply by this year.


At least 99 per cent people have come under electricity. The rest of the people will get electricity supply by this year.


Northern Electricity Supply Company (NESCO) supplies electricity to Rajshahi City areas including Godagari, Tanore and Paba upazilas of the district. Palli Bidyut is supplying electricity to the rest upazilas.


NESCO not only supplies electricity, it also plans to increase customer service. It is changing the billing system through its modernization and other developmental works. 

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