Volume 16, Issue 20

The proposals of Petrobangla and its subsidiaries for significant gas tariff increase are based on the higher cost of imported LNG. Different stakeholders and representatives of consumers, energy experts, left leaning political activists have strongly opposed the price increase proposals of gas companies. Petrobangla and EMRD failed to take decision on exploiting own coal relieving gas from overstress in meeting increasing demand. Petrobangla could not expedite exploration for petroleum resources at onshore and offshore. Gas distribution companies could not effectively disconnect huge illegal connections. It is true that expensive LNG would create huge financial impacts on Petrobangla and its companies. But it will not be natural justice done to end users for punishing them with higher price for failures and mistakes of policymakers and Petrobangla. Till system becomes efficient and quality gas supply is ensured for all consumers, the BERC should either reject price proposal or agree to marginal increase. Till then, the proceeds of fuel security fund can bear the expenses for LNG import. Petroleum exploration efforts must get momentum and coal reserve exploitation must start now.


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