Volume 16, Issue 14


It cannot be denied that the government over a period of last 10 years achieved tremendous success in power generation as widely appreciated by the cross section of the society. But, at the same time, it is a fact that the success came through substantially increased spending on power generation, ultimately putting pressure on the public pocket. The power price at the consumers’ end rose by 139 percent during the period. This happened due to bringing imported fuel oil based contingency power plants. Though the government had a plan to set up base load plants and bring down the price gradually, it failed due to expensive fuel oil import. On the other hand, exploration efforts of local primary fuel resources witnessed little success. Rather, the country already started importing even more expensive LNG and set to start importing coal. The country is gradually becoming more dependent on primary fuel import. The import dependence is estimated to be as high as 90 percent by 2030 unless own resources cannot be explored and exploited, and power generation would remain expensive. So, the new government should focus on exploring own resources and reducing the power generation cost. It’s necessary not only to give some relief to the consumers, but also for supporting our manufacturers to become competitive in the world market.


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