Volume 15, Issue 24


The crisis of gas supply to domestic users in Dhaka and Chittagong has surpassed other crises in power, fertilizer and industrial sectors. People are finding it extremely difficult for cooking Iftar and Sehri for gas crisis in their kitchens. The city suburbs and adjoining areas are suffering the most. Gas crisis is nothing new in the cities. The expansion and development of the cities exceeded the projections over the past 10-12 years. As such, the gas distribution networks’ capacity has almost become super saturated. Many single and double storied buildings have turned into multistoried complexes. Hence, the demand has increased significantly. However, some sort of optimism was created due to the government’s assurance that the situation would improve from early May due to commencement of RLNG supply.  But it has not started yet. The present crisis cannot be confronted without relying on imported LNG. Domestic sector must not be kept out of it. The embargo on pipeline gas supply to domestic consumers should be withdrawn on condition that the gas must be purchased at cost price after LNG injection. This will bring new relief to gas users.


Energy & Power wishes Eid Mubarak to all readers, writers, contributors, advertisers & well wishers.

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