Volume 15, Issue 22

   Development of Matarbari in Cox’s Bazar as an energy hub was included in the master plan of power and energy sector about 10 years from now. Work on several power plants has already started in the remote island in the Bay of Bengal. It appears that by 2028, about 4,500 MW power from Matarbari may be added to the national power grid. Around 500 MW will be LNG-based, 200 MW from Wind and remaining 3,800 MW would be coal power. It will become a major coal port and power generation hub of Bangladesh. As a forward linkage, there has been momentum for developing industrial zones in the region. The government has initiated actions for linking the Matarbari island with the mainland with a 4-lane highway.


Besides, the initiative for the deep-sea port along the port channel, connecting Matarbari with the Bay of Bengal would be very important. Around 1,600 acres of land has been acquired besides the under-construction port-connecting channel. Deep seaport would make Matarbari internationally recognized as the country’ energy hub.

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