Volume 15, Issue 14

   The Awami league-led alliance government, after completing its fourth year of second term, has entered the final year of this term. Mentionable achievements have been visible in the power and energy sector infrastructure development that broke all earlier records. But in terms of sustainable development, there are significant drawbacks as well. During this period the largest single project of 2,400 MW nuclear power plant at Rooppur commenced. Around 8,000 MW new generation capacity has been added. Projects totaling 20,000 MW are at different stages of implementation. These are all examples of the priority the government attached to power and energy sector. But several issues like coal exploration remain ignored. The government has miserably failed in exploring and exploiting own fuel -- coal and gas. Experts observe that Bangladesh would become 92% dependent on imported fuel by 2030 if local coal is not explored and exploited. All the achievements in energy sector would be questioned in future if the government fails to secure primary energy and strike the right balance of local and imported fuel.


Energy & Power wishes a very Happy New Year 2018 to all readers, writers, contributors, advertisers & well wishers.

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