Volume 15, Issue 8

Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) has been in operation for over 14 years. Now people are raising questions whether the BERC is playing its due role as per the BERC law that aims at creation of level playing field for the private and public sector investors and entrepreneurs. Questions are also being raised if the commission could set regulations and policies for ensuring energy efficiency and conservation and whether it could police these through energy auditing or if the BERC could really act independently for protecting the interests of the end users. Many argue that the BERC activities are merely confined to determining power tariff and energy price through the public hearing. BERC has not yet been able to conduct its operation freely and independently for building confidence among the stakeholders. Investors still find little confidence in BERC as it has not been able to effectively monitor and regulate the business and commercial operations of the licensees. A fully functional BERC exercising its mandate would be essential for attracting private sector investments in mega projects, ensuring efficiency and transparencies in power and energy sector. Chairman and members of BERC must act as truly independent statutory body.

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