3rd July 2018
EP Report


The first floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) of Bangladesh has already been set up by Excellerate Bangladesh Ltd (EBL) and the LNG-carrying vessel already anchored offshore Maheshkhaliin the third week of April 2018. Concerned officials at RPGCL and EMRD were confident that by the RLNG would start flowing into the gas gridthe first week of May. GTCL, the owner and operator of the national gas grid,has completed all works from Custody Transfer Metering Station (CTMS) at Maheskhali to Anwara CGS, including the 90-Km 30-inch OD pipeline. There is hardly any issue to get some 200-250 MMCFD of RLNG anytime soon. But the sub-contractor engaged by the FSRU ownerconstructed offshore pipeline which is leaking through two flanges included in the pipeline. These could not be remedied for over almost two months now. All end users of gas grid continue to suffer from chronic gas crisis. EMRD and Petrobangla have failed to fulfill their pledges.


The pipeline section under question has not been constructed without the approval or supervision of the Petrobangla company. If so,it could not be understood why there should be flange joints in a buried high-pressure gas transmission pipeline if constructed to ASME B31.8 standard. Even the Bangladesh gas safety act made it mandatory that all the buried transmission pipelines must be welded100%, radiographed and pipeline hydro-tested in presence of the chief inspector of explosives. It is a major departure and by the evidence a serious lapse.


The LNG import initiative was taken in 2010 and the FSRU was in vision since then. In business as usual, 500 MMCFD of RLNG should have been available by early 2014. It is a pity that in end June 2018, no RLNG is available and gas famine continues. 

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