3rd July 2018
EP Desk


University of New South Wales (UNSW) professor Martin Green has been named a Global Energy Prize winner for his work in solar PV that has increased the “cost effectiveness and efficiency of solar cells.”


According to the prize committee, sales of the systems containing the PERC solar cells invented by Green exceeded $4 billion by the end of 2016. Bloomberg New Energy Finance predictions indicate that the total sales of solar cells using his technology will exceed $1 trillion by 2040.


Green is the director of the Australian Center for Advanced Photovoltaics, a collaborative entity involving several Australian Universities and research groups. According to UNSW, Green’s team in 1989 supplied the solar cells for the first PV system with an energy conversion efficiency of 20 percent. In addition, in 2014, he headed the development team that first demonstrated the conversion of sunlight into electricity with an energy conversion efficiency of 40 percent.


During a press conference announcing the winners, Nobel Prize winner and award committee chair Rodney John Allam said renewable energy was the primary research focus of the people competing for the prize.


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