7th June 2018
EP Report



Installation of compressors could help improve the well-head pressure of many of the gas fields in Bangladesh now suffering from low pressure and facing difficulties in supplying natural gas to the national grid.


This could be a solution to the national crisis, experts said, based on lessons learned from the compressors installed at the Bakhrabad gas field. After the installation of these compressors, the delivery pressure of Bakhrabad gas field becomes very much stable.


It has been found that, many of the gas fields of Bangladesh is suffering from low pressure and failed to supply sufficient amount of gas to the national grid.


Installation of the Reciprocating Engine Driven Compressors offered the government an immediate solution to the problem of gas shortage across the country, said the experts.


It is well known that Bangladesh is a resourceful country and natural gas is one of the richest resources. Most of the industries as well as the power plants are directly dependent on the availability of natural gas.


But the natural gas supply is decreasing against the demand across the country. In response to this crisis, the industries and the power plants are having very bad impact, which is also affecting the daily life of the people.


The main reason for this lack of natural gas supply is the reduction of the well-head pressure. Due to this low pressure, the supply and distribution is hampered.


In this critical situation, BGFCL (Bangladesh Gas Fields Company Ltd.), a company under Petrobanlga, decided to procure Natural Gas Booster Compressor to increase the pressure of the Bakhrabad Gas Field. And to do so, they have called an international tender in the year 2014.


In response, KwangShin Machine Industries Company Limited of South Korea has been rewarded the tender by submitting the best technical offer and the cheapest offer.


Accordingly, KwangShin has successfully completed the supply, civil construction, mechanical fabrication, pipeline construction, installation &commissioning of the three (03) units of 15 MMSCFD Engine Driven Reciprocating Compressors at Bakhrabad Gas Field. After completion of these jobs, KwangShin have successfully handed over the site in operation to BGFCL. Apart from that, till today KwangShin is maintaining the joint operation of these compressors along with BGFCL and these compressors are running smooth for the last three years.


This is definitely a blessing for the BGFCL as well as for the whole Bangladesh that KwangShin Machine Industries Company Limited from South Korea could have completed the job by supplying the brand new and latest technology, which included Balanced Industrial Natural Gas Booster Compressors for this site.


KwangShin has a long experience of more than 50 years for working on such big capacity compressors.


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