7th June 2018
EP Report


Power Development Board (PDB) is in dilemma over selling dry fly ash of Barapukiria unit-3 coal-fired power plant as the lone bidder proposed to buy it at Tk 550 per tonne.


According to sources at PDB, the price is 55.36 per cent less than the one the same company gave for its fly ash of two other units.


They said Olympic Cement Limited, a local contractor, had won a contract in 2015 to buy the fly ash at Tk 1232 per metric tonne from Barapukuria power plant’s unit-1 and unit-2, each having generation capacity of 125 MW.


Once the PDB failed to pick up a responsive bidder for Unit-3, the same company participated in the tender process and proposed to buy the fly ash at Tk 550 per tonne.


Officials said the PDB moved to sell its dry fly ash of Unit-3 having 175 MW generation capacity at Tk 1,232 per tonne considering it as the bottom price. But when it floated tender with this price, it failed to get bidder.


The Unit-3 is consuming 2,600 metric tons of coal and produces 400-450 metric tons of fly ash which is being preserved at an ash pond located within power plant area. The ash pond has also been receiving ash from Unit-1 and Unit-2.


A Power Division document shows that the authorities first invited an open tender on 16 October, 2016 and then on 21 November, 2017 for selling the fly ash of Unit-3.


But all the three bidders came out to be non-responsive by evaluation of the tender evaluation committee (TEC).


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